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The W's of Overheating

Why do engines typically overheat?

Ok, so maybe the wife is a part of the overheating process. Most overheated engines are a result of poor maintenance, meaning little or no coolant. However, faulty or poorly designed cooling fans or improperly installed thermostats can cause the engine to overheat. Its also important to flush the radiator and replace belts and hoses where recommended.

So, remember your checklist!

Coolant mixture (50/50)

Properly working thermostat

Check for leaks!

Flush the radiator *Optional

Replace belts and hoses *Optional

What is affected when the engine overheats?

A few different things could happen:

1) No severe damage with immediate attention      

2) A blown head gasket                                          

3) Broken or shreded belts and hoses                           

4) Damaged rings, pistons or valves              

5) Coolant in the crankcasing                        

What is the result of a reubild? Generally this leaves the purchaser uncretain of its prior use and can lead to lots of wasted buckaroos. Anyone buying and selling engines should request proof of warranty where possible.

Who can be trusted?

Anyone who sells an engine with a fitted heat tab can prove that the engine hasn't overheated.  The centre of the heat tabs melt between 124o - 127oC proving the engine has overheated. So, don't risk it! Determine if your engine has gone beyond the normal temperature and voided the warranty today!

When has the engine overheated?

If your bonnet is smoking, its probably a good indication. But more technically, modern engines are considered "cool" between 93o- 121oC. As your engine climbs in temperature the cooling fans will engage (usually around 98oC). Thus, if you're cooling fans aren't working properly, it could cause the engine to overheat. Of course, depeding on the engine and driving conditions temperatures will vary.

Where can I find engine heat tabs?

Click Here to find engine heat tabs at All Warehouse Supplies, along with the required fitting glue.
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