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Lost & Found
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How long does it take you to find something misplaced? Statistics show, on average it takes 22.5 minutes to locate a misplaced item. Depending on your workspace, you could spend over an hour a week searching for the right item. That’s 97.5 hours per year and an estimated $1900 spent just searching. For every minute searching, you could be making sales. If you average 1 sale of say $30.00 every hour, that’s an additional $1560 lost while you’re searching. In total, you’ve already cost yourself $3460 and you haven’t even had your morning coffee! Perhaps it’s time to consider organizing your work area... Try utilizing your air space. By hanging some of your materials, your workspace will become more operable, allowing your customers to see items they might have otherwise missed while hidden somewhere in the abyss of your workshop. Click H... continue reading

The W's of Overheating
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Why do engines typically overheat? Ok, so maybe the wife is a part of the overheating process. Most overheated engines are a result of poor maintenance, meaning little or no coolant. However, faulty or poorly designed cooling fans or improperly installed thermostats can cause the engine to overheat. Its also important to flush the radiator and replace belts and hoses where recommended. So, remember your checklist! Coolant mixture (50/50) Properly working thermostat Check for leaks! Flush the radiator *Optional ... continue reading

Time To Replace Your Windscreen?
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When Do You Need Windscreen Replacement? Your vehicle's windscreen is responsible for not only making driving easier, but for keeping you and your passengers safe. That's why those minor windscreen cracks and chips caused by flying debris can be such a problem: unless you're a windscreen glass repair expert, how do you know if your damage is a potential threat or merely an inconvenience? Before you decide between windscreen chip repair and complete windscreen replacement, make sure you understand the differences and what it means for your – and your family's – safety. Line of Vision Windscreen damage in the driver's line of vision is always more complicated than windscreen chips or cracks located elsewhere. Although most windscreen repair techniques match the light reflecting capabilities of the glass as much as possible, there is still a chance that you won't get 100 percent... continue reading

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