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Lost & Found

How long does it take you to find something misplaced? Statistics show, on average it takes 22.5 minutes to locate a misplaced item.

Depending on your workspace, you could spend over an hour a week searching for the right item. That’s 97.5 hours per year and an estimated $1900 spent just searching.

For every minute searching, you could be making sales.  If you average 1 sale of say $30.00 every hour, that’s an additional $1560 lost while you’re searching. In total, you’ve already cost yourself $3460 and you haven’t even had your morning coffee!

Perhaps it’s time to consider organizing your work area...

Try utilizing your air space. By hanging some of your materials, your workspace will become more operable, allowing your customers to see items they might have otherwise missed while hidden somewhere in the abyss of your workshop. 

Click Here to find ‘S’ Hooks at All Warehouse Supplies and get started organizing today.

Once you’ve cleaned up the basics and saved yourself some bucks doing so, move on to step two. If you don’t already have an automated inventory system in place, welcome yourself to the 21st century by investing in some technology.

An automated inventory system will increase your efficiency levels by up to 80% allowing you to make even more sales while grossly decreasing the room for manual error.  Nowadays the only inventory systems worth investing in, are those designed to seamlessly integrate with your accounting software, finally making stocktake fun and easy!

Ultimate Inventory Systems goes one step further making your stock live online with the #1 auto parts site in Australia, partslocator.com.au.

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for more information about getting your Ultimate Inventory Systems installed today.

Get your 2011-2012 financial year started with the right systems in place so you never misplace something again.

Just imagine the surprised and excited feeling of finding $30 in an old pocket; its almost like free money.  Now make it a reality, every day.

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