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Time To Replace Your Windscreen?

When Do You Need Windscreen Replacement?

Your vehicle's windscreen is responsible for not only making driving easier, but for keeping you and your passengers safe. That's why those minor windscreen cracks and chips caused by flying debris can be such a problem: unless you're a windscreen glass repair expert, how do you know if your damage is a potential threat or merely an inconvenience?
Before you decide between windscreen chip repair and complete windscreen replacement, make sure you understand the differences and what it means for your – and your family's – safety.
Line of Vision
Windscreen damage in the driver's line of vision is always more complicated than windscreen chips or cracks located elsewhere. Although most windscreen repair techniques match the light reflecting capabilities of the glass as much as possible, there is still a chance that you won't get 100 percent vision – particularly if you live in a sunny area, where the light plays a big role in how well you can see and drive. In some cases, windscreen repair might restore the structural integrity of the glass and make the vehicle look better, but windscreen replacement will actually return your car to its original level of safety.
Size of Windscreen Damage
In most cases, any chip or crack larger in size than a quarter is potentially sacrificing your vehicle's structural integrity. While it may be possible to do windscreen chip or crack repair for damages of twice this size, it's not always a good idea. Because the windscreen protects you in rollover accidents and in passenger airbag deployment, windscreen replacement is a safer, more secure alternative.
Location of Windscreen Damage
Due to the tools windscreen repair technicians use, chips and cracks located to close to the edge of the windscreen may be ineligible for simple chip repair. In most cases, any damage located less than three inches from the edge of the windscreen should be fixed through entire windscreen replacement. Companies that promise results on large cracks or cracks near the windscreen's edge might not be giving you the full truth.
Ask for Professional Advice
If you're unsure if your vehicle's damage is bad enough to require windscreen replacement, or if you are uncertain which type of repair is best for you, be sure to talk with a technician you trust. Most auto glass professionals can make an assessment based on pictures or even a description, and offer quotes free of charge. This should give you a better idea of what to expect from your windscreen repair experience.

The Right Tools for Replacement

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